Important Dates!

Dates will be updated in the coming weeks and throughout the application process.
Stay tuned!

15th April 2023: Applications open! View topics here, and register here.
15th May 2023, 14:30pm: Q&A Session, at INESC TEC’s Auditorium B; register here.
– Session recording can be found here.
21st, May, 2023: Application deadline
2nd, June, 2023: Announcement of application results
9th, June, 2023: Confirmation of acceptance by applicants.
– Confirm by sending us the Declaration of Acceptance.

26th, June, 2023: Internships start!
– Welcome Session (hour and location TBA).
27th, July, 2023: End of internships: presentations, award ceremony, and closing!
Presentation Program (TBA)